“When I think of any group’s struggle to improve the world, I remember that one dissenter is a crank, two is a conspiracy, and three is a social movement. NuSI is the beginning of a social movement to change what we eat and the food environment we live in — with results that will improve public health for generations to come.”
Carol Tavris, Social Psychologist and Author


No other organization is approaching the problem from NuSI’s perspective, which is that the conventional wisdom linking diet to disease is based on inconclusive science, and therefore may not be correct. We don’t pretend to know the answer and we have no immediate prescription to offer. But we do know that the first step is to do the rigorous science necessary to resolve these controversies. We have recruited the nation’s most thoughtful investigators – those willing to put their diverging beliefs and prestigious careers on the line – to collectively design and carry out the necessary experiments. We are determined to make these experiments possible and get them done right. No corners will be cut.

While we all want the answer today, we can’t risk being wrong again. Only when the evidence is clear and unambiguous will we communicate those results with accuracy and precision.

THE PAST: Down-sizing science…

Arrows moving in all directions

Well-funded collectively,
but not individually.
Not concentrated in direction

THE FUTURE: Right-sizing science

Arrows moving to the right

Well-funded collectively and individually.
Concentrated in direction


To establish the dietary causes of obesity and type 2 diabetes, a focused approach must be taken to directly target, and unambiguously test, critical questions. It’s the difference between down-sizing scientific research and right-sizing it.