“One of every two Americans has a deadly disease that’s making us fat and sick and could kill us – and over 90% of us are not aware of it. The work being done at Nutrition Science Initiative will offer the deepest insight to date, scientifically, about what we need to eat to be healthy. Every time you eat should be an opportunity to nourish your body, not just feed it.”
Mark Hyman, M.D., Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine


At NuSI we are doing something that has never been done before and we want you to become part of the story. Join us and help change the world.

The leadership and supporters of Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI) believe that not all Americans are overweight, obese, and diabetic because they are making conscious decisions to eat unhealthy foods, but because the information and guidance they receive about what to eat has been poorly tested and is quite likely incorrect. This is something we are testing and something we can change. With a strategic mindset, a strong business plan, and scientific excellence, we will lead the way to change within the next decade. NuSI funds independent research capable of reducing the individual, social, and economic costs of obesity, diabetes, and related diseases. We are demanding that the quality of science in nutrition and obesity research be improved now, today. But we need your help.

Make a donation and other ways to give

Listed below are many of the ways our donors choose to give. If you have any questions regarding your gift, please contact us at (858) 914-5400 or email info@nusi.org.

Make a secure, one-time or recurring donation online. If you would like to make your online donation in honor of someone special, simply leave a comment in the notes section of the donation page.

Call  Erica Brunner, Associate Director of Development at 858-247-3005

Print our donation form and mail it to:

Nutrition Science Initiative
6020 Cornerstone Ct. W. Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92121

Other Giving Methods


Stock that has increased in value is one of the most popular assets used for charitable giving, once it has been held for more than one year. Making a gift of securities is a great way to reduce capital gains.

Closely Held Stock

These are defined as shares in a C corporation, in which few shareholders hold the majority of stock. Such a gift can be a powerful way to contribute to the future of nutrition science, while realizing tax advantages in the present.

Savings Bonds

Normally taxed when they are cashed in, savings bonds can be reissued to another person or reach financial maturity. You can reduce, or even eliminate, income taxes when you choose to use these to support NuSI.

Click here for Gifts of Security Transfer Instructions and Form

Make your donation to NuSI go further! Many corporations have matching gift programs and will match its employees’ charitable contributions. Usually associated with corporate grantmakers, employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation. Some companies may also give matching gifts for employees’ volunteer efforts. Procedures vary with each company. Typically, individuals must submit forms to their employers and acquire the EIN number of NuSI (45-4676706). We suggest asking your HR department for more information.

Participating companies include: Thomson Reuters, Microsoft Corporation, Wells Fargo, Apple, Google, BNY Mellon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Give with Liberty

Planned gifts are made through your will, trust, insurance policy, or retirement plan and are the best way to combine your personal financial objectives with your charitable goals to ensure a legacy of social change.


One of the most common ways to make a gift through your estate plan is by a bequest, which is a gift through your will or revocable living trust – and it can be amended as needed during your lifetime. The flexibility and thoughtfulness of a bequest is that it can be for a specific asset, amount, or percentage of your estate. In addition, the financial benefit to your heirs is significant in the tax deduction applied to the estate. Start by contacting us today.

The following retailers offer customers the opportunity to leverage the impact of their purchases by donating a portion of the proceeds spent to NuSI.  Please help support our innovative research at NuSI by shopping these brands and knowing that each purchase you make will have a meaningful impact – while enjoying a great buy!


When did NuSI receive tax exempt status?

NuSI received tax exempt status on March 27, 2013.

Where can I see NuSI’s Financial Statements?

NuSI chooses to make the IRS Form 990 available via independent third-party websites, such as Guide Star, that advance transparency and provides donors with information about each nonprofit’s mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, governance, etc.

What is a Form 990?

The annual Form 990 is a public document that provides useful information about a 501(c)(3) financial and charitable activities. The IRS uses it to assess excise taxes owed by foundation and to monitor some key activities.

When is the Form 990 available to the public?

Typically, it takes the IRS two to three months to make our Form 990 publically available once NuSI files.

Which fiscal years are available for Form 990 review?

NuSI’s initial filing was in 2012. NuSI intends to make Form 990 publically available each subsequent year thereafter, once available.

Where can I find out information regarding NuSI’s financial policies and procedure?

The IRS Form 990 includes information about NuSI’s policies and procedures. In addition, NuSI’s Gift Acceptance Policy discloses information regarding policies and procedures as it pertains to incoming donations.

Is NuSI independently audited?

Yes. NuSI has been independently audited by a certified public accounting firm since Fiscal Year 2012. Audited financial statements provide important information about a nonprofit’s financial accountability and accuracy. All of NuSI’s audits conform to “generally accepted accounting principles” (GAPP).

Is NuSI a registered charity on Charity Navigator?

No, NuSI was founded in late 2012. Charity Navigator has not yet reviewed NuSI.

Does NuSI’s Board of Directors review NuSI’s Financial Statements?

Yes. The organization, including NuSI’s Board of Directors, reviews Form 990 prior to filing.

What programs does NuSI allocate money towards?

NuSI programs consists of two initiatives (i) research, and (ii) education and engagement.

How does NuSI determine grant recipients?

NuSI does not accept unsolicited applications for funding. Instead, applications for grant awards are accepted only in response to a specific solicitation or request for proposals initiated by NuSI. After receiving an invitation, the first step in the process is submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI) that will require pre-approval before a full application is accepted. Each invited application is evaluated based on specific criteria. NuSI does not have a pre-determined number of awards or grants, nor does NuSI have a maximum grant amount.

How does NuSI determine employee compensation?

As encouraged by the IRS, NuSI’s Board of Directors Financial Compensation Committee is presented with collected independent third-party data on the compensation practices of thousands of similar nonprofits to determine ‘reasonable compensation’ to assist in recommending employee compensation.