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“Thank you for giving hope to people like me. I believe there is much more to learn through the research you are encouraging.”
– M.L. Benson, Florida

“I’ve been reading about your research since day one. It has transformed my life. Everyone should have access to this information, but few do. I’m confident it will transform global health. Keep up the good work!”
– G. Horner, Canada

“This is a very cool movement, and  I cannot wait to watch as the science unfolds. I believe entirely in the premise of NuSI, and I am very glad that it exists.”
– Gregory L. Coleman, New York

“I’m beyond excited about what your organization is doing. It’s been a long time coming to finally have real studies done on nutrition and health.”
–  L. Churchville, California

“All around us we see people suffering from diabetes, and other illnesses that appear to us to be sugar or weight related. We look forward to reading more about your organization and applaud your efforts. We know lives have been changed through this new way of making choices about what we eat.”
– Anne Karasinski, New Hampshire

In science, it’s the voices that won’t be quiet that make the biggest gains.
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