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Employment Opportunities

We believe in the mission of NuSI. More so, we believe the road to reducing the economic and social burden of obesity will be long, challenging, and at times, unpredictable. But the problem is solvable, and the outcome will be rewarding for many. Our tribe must be as committed to this outcome as they are committed to working together.

How We Hire

We are passionate about what we do, and we are passionate about who we hire.

Our DNA is unique: we work hard because NuSI is doing something that has never been done before. We work fast because we don’t have the luxury of time. We are humble because NuSI is on the quest to find answers to questions that must be asked. We work together because the strategy to solving this problem requires the contribution of a team filled with diverse backgrounds and experience.

We’re looking for “do-ers” capable of changing the world. We look for people who are great at lots of things, love big challenges and welcome change. We aren’t looking for the perfect candidate. We’re looking for the perfect fit for NuSI—and not just for right now, but for the long term.This is the core of how we hire. Our process is pretty basic; the path to getting hired typically involves submitting your credentials as outlined by the respective job description, an initial phone interview with our Director of Operations, several phone interviews with different members from our team, an interview designed to assess specific skill sets associated with the respective job, and an on site interview at our San Diego office.

How We Interview

We’re looking for smart, team-oriented people who can get things done. When you interview at NuSI, you’ll likely interview with three or four members of our team. Your interviewers could potentially be a team-member in your department, but some might be positioned within another department of NuSI. Some might be your direct supervisor, others might be co-workers or support staff. This allows us to consider how effective you’ll be with other departments and other team-members. We’re looking for four things: Competence, Commitment, Contribution, and Character.

How We Decide

We review the feedback from all interviewers, in conjunction with the applicant’s experience, knowledge, and skill set. We hire slowly in an effort to build a team that is capable of sustained success.

At NuSI, we don’t just accept difference – we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our mission, and our donors. NuSI is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.

What We Offer

NuSI offers eligible team-members a competitive and generous benefits package.

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Our Disclaimer

As emphasized by the Founders, we don’t know how this undertaking will end. We are not invested in particular outcomes. We are invested in the need to find solutions and to generate reliable knowledge. We look forward to the day when NuSI is no longer necessary, when – with the full support of rigorous science – we can choose with informed confidence what to eat and what to feed our families.

Until that day, we look forward to reviewing your credentials and application. Thank you for your interest in joining the NuSI team.